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NYCSRA Elects New Board Members and Officers

In 2017, the NYCSRA was proud to elect 7 new Board Members who bring decades of experience, new ideas and a fresh perspective to the Association. They are as follows:

  • Veronika Sikorski, ELM Suspension Systems, Inc.

  • Wayne Bellet, Bellet Construction Company, Inc.

  • Anthony Colao, Jr., Flag Waterproofing and Restoration Company

  • Anthony Corallo, Rigging Consultants, Inc.

  • Michael Difonzo, Central Construction Management

  • Eric Janczyk, Nova Restoration, LLC.

  • Tom Zovas, Starcel Waterproofing

(L-R) Eric Janczyk, Kenneth Buettner, Wayne Bellet, Michael Difonzo, Daniel Wacks, Veronika Sikorski, Anthony Corallo, Anthony Colao Jr., Matthew Jaworski, John Pantanelli, Tom Zovas.

We also had the following new officers installed on the Board:

  • Matthew Jaworski of Brend Restoration LLC was elected Vice President;

  • Eric Janczyk of Nova Restoration, LLC, was elected Treasurer; and

  • Dan Wacks of Urban D.C. Inc., was elected Secretary.

The Board would like to extend our gratitude to Joe McCallion of Upgrade Contracting Co. Inc. for his years of dedication to the Board and service as our Treasurer.

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