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NYC DOB Licensing Renewal Presentation to NYC Special Riggers Association

The New York City Special Riggers Association (NYCSRA) thanks all those who attended the virtual NYC DOB training seminar on Rigger's License renewal's and Rigging Foreman cards. As discussed during the seminar, please use the presentation to review any key points you may have missed.

The NYCSRA would also like to thank

Mr. William Hinckley, Executive Director of Licensing and Exams at the NYC Department of Buildings, for providing our members with this invaluable training session followed by an open-ended QnA period. We truly appreciate all that Mr. Hinckley continues doing to work with the NYCSRA and our members on all matters related to licensing.

To access the presentation, please click the link below

DOB Licensing Presentation - NYCSRA
Download PPTX • 3.87MB

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