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Previous Executive Orders

NYC specific: NYC will be required to develop a plan to reduce density. Plan required for review in 24 hours.    - less traffic, open streets to pedestrians, no group activity, use bigger parks to provide open space.

  • As of 11:30AM on March 23, 2020, this plan has not yet been created and / or implemented. Governor Cuomo


  • Postponing evictions for both residential and commercial tenants for 90 days.

  • Imposing a 60-day delay in sales tax payments with no penalty or interest: “The authority of the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance to abate late filing and payment penalties pursuant to section 1145 of the Tax Law is hereby expanded to also authorize abatement of interest, for a period of 60 days for a taxpayers who are required to file returns and remit sales and use taxes by March 20, 2020, for the sales tax quarterly period that ended February 29, 2020.

  • Cancelling all elective, non-critical surgeries. 

  • Hospitals instructed to double room capacity (current capacity is 50k).

  • NYS will pay a premium for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Governor Cuomo is asking companies to get creative on production in order to meet PPE needs. Companies interested can contact the State: For Funding to start up PPE Production (212-803-3100), For Sales (646-522-8477).

  • Expansion of hand sanitizer production.

  • Asking closed medical offices to offer their PPE to needed areas.

  • Specific Rules for personal conduct of vulnerable people:

  • Remain indoors

  • Go outside for solitary exercise

  • Pre-screen visitors by taking temperature

  • Don't visit households with multiple people

  • All vulnerable people should wear masks when in company of others

  • Everyone in presence of vulnerable people should wear mask

  • Stay six feet away from others

  • Do not take public transport unless necessary

  • These provisions are legal and will be enforced. Civil fines and mandatory closure for businesses not in compliance

  • Calling on feds to nationalize medical supply acquisition. States unable to manage procurement, and costs, and are competing against other states.

  • Governor thinks use of Defense Production Act at the federal level is appropriate for producing PPE and ventilators. Use would resolve competitive price gouging, and interstate competition.

  • Urges federal money be disbursed directly to individuals, then governments and both before corporate subsidies. Referred to stock buy-backs with federal bailout money in 2008, and seeks to avoid it.

  • Requesting temp hospitals from Army Corps of Engineers:

  • Stony Brook

  • Westbury

  • Westchester

  • Javits Center

  • Temp hospitals are helpful, but they don't come with supplies, nor staff - problematic

  • Governor given approvals at state level, construction can start tomorrow.

  • Asking FEMA to erect 4 federal hospitals at Javits Center - they come with staff and supplies

  • Still requesting the federal government waive the 25% share of FEMA disaster money - wont be able to pay it. Governor also asking on behalf of all states.

  • State implementing trial (on Tuesday) of Hydroxychloroquine (70k), Zithromax (10k), Chloroquine (750k).

  • Requesting serological testing for Coronavirus antibodies ASAP. Possibly get people back to work quicker (especially medical staff).

  • Requesting hospitals double their existing capacity. Waiving applicable regulations.

  • Hospitals must provide plan to increase beds by at least 50%, this will be a mandate, DOH emergency order.

  • Elective, non-critical surgeries cancelled on Wednesday. Should provide 25-30% more beds.

  • Repurposing existing health care facilities to provide more beds.

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