NYCSRA Welcomes our Newest Board Member Haroon Najam

NYCSRA is pleased to introduce Haroon Najam to our Board of Directors. Mr. Najam brings to the board international business experience, having worked in the UAE and East Africa in addition to the United States. As a m

ultilingual business executive, Mr. Najam offers internationally diverse construction project experience as well as a successful background in sales. Mr. Najam hold a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) as well as a Masters in Project Management. He is a certified Special Rigger, OSHA Trainer, and New York State Chaplain. In addition to his work with Swing Staging & Training, LLC, Mr. Najam serves as President of the Zircon Group, Inc.

We look forward to working with Haroon as we continue to promote new ways to improve safety and protect the integrity of our industry.

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