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NYCSRA Engages NYC DOB On Your Behalf

NYCSRA Board members continue to maintain an open dialogue with the NYC DOB and recently met with DOB officials to discuss a number of topics.  NEW ENFORCEMENT UNITS : As you may know, the DOB has retired the BEST squad, Excavation and Scaffold units, and created 2 new Units for Construction Safety Enforcement and Construction Safety Compliance. These units will have the following responsibilities: 

The Construction Safety Enforcement Unit will oversee: a. Incidents b. Complaints c. Violations d. Rescinding Stop work orders

The Construction Safety Compliance Unit will oversee: a. Applications for the removal of a shed b. 3-point suspended scaffolding inspections c. Pre-demo inspections d. Sign-off of Site Safety Plans e. Excavation work f. Stop work order issuance

APPLICATIONS AND NOTIFICATIONS NYCSRA was able to confirm that if a material hoist that is counter-weighted isn’t approved for a CD5 when applied for one, then an ALT2 will be necessary, along with a PE stamped design drawing. Also, Outriggers and C hooks within the same project, require separated notifications.

NYCSRA will continue to meet with the DOB on a quarterly basis.  Please send your thoughts, comments, concerns and questions to so we can properly serve as your liaison. 

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