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NYCSRA & DOB (2018)

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

NYCSRA maintains a monthly dialogue with the NYC Department of Buildings to discuss various topics and questions brought forth by our members, including new regulations, enforcement, new products and ways to enhance safety. We encourage our members to contact us with any topics or questions you would like to have addressed by DOB. We are here to be your voice in government.

NYCSRA and DOB have discussed the following topics:

  • T-Brackets on Cornice Hooks: building code does not prevent the use of T-brackets for C-hooks, but inspectors may ask for manufacturer’s specs to ensure proper use.

  • Hold Me-type safety line termination devices: building code does not prevent the use of such a termination device, but inspectors may ask for manufacturer’s specs.

  • Can a Rigging Foreman ride the rig for initial report, or must it be a Special Rigger? The Rigging Foreman stands in the shoes of the Special Rigger and can perform the Special Rigger’s functions. The only exception is when a Critical Pick (approaching 2,000 lbs) is being undertaken.

  • Can a different Rigging Foremen be on a job than was shown on the CD-5 that was approved? DOB says that there is no requirement for only one, specific, Rigging Foreman to be on a particular site. Any Rigging Foreman from the Licensed Special Rigger can be on that job. 

  • License Renewals and Rigging Foreman cards: Since Special Riggers have to surrender (at the Licensing Division) the ID cards of all Rigging Foremen during license renewal, DOB will accept workers having a paper or electronic copy of their valid license on hand during the renewal process.

  • LL 196 Implementation: We expressed our concerns about Special Riggers already having a significant amount of training. The May 2018 Service Update from the DOB explains the Curriculum for SST Cards. The NYCSRA is working with the DOB to clarify how previously taken specialty trades training may be applied.

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