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Local Law 196:  What You Need To Know

The Construction Safety Act (Intro 1447C, also known as Local Law 196 ), which was passed by the NYC Council in 2017 requires all workers to complete a number of hours of safety training in order to be eligible to work on a job site.

Phase 1 of Local Law 196 Phase 2 of Local Law 196 Phase 3 of Local Law 196

requires workers to requires workers to requires workers to

complete the following complete the following complete the following

courses by March 1, 2018: courses by December 1, courses by May 1, 2018:

2018: • OSHA-10, or • OSHA-10 plus 20 • OSHA-10 plus 30-45

• OSHA-30, or additional hours of additional hours of

• A DOB-approved 100- training specified by DOB, training specified by DOB,

hour training program • OSHA-30, or • OSHA-30 plus 10-25

• A DOB-approved 100- additional hours of

hour training program training specified by

DOB, or:

Supervisors must complete • A DOB-approved 100-

OSHA-30 and a minimum of hour training program

30 additional training hours

specified by DOB.

The new law stipulates that the NYC Department of Buildings has discretion to postpone the deadlines if they determine there are an inadequate number of training providers/classes available and that workers require more time to fulfil the training requirements. All training requirements must be fulfilled by September 1, 2020 with no exceptions. The law also creates the Site Safety Training Task Force comprised of 15 members as follows:

  • the Commissioner or the designee of the commissioner, who will serve as the Chairperson;

  • 7 members appointed by the Mayor;

  • 7 members appointed by the Speaker of the City Council

The Site Safety Training Task Force shall represent (i) union labor or union organizations, (ii) open-shop or non-union labor organizations, (iii) minority-owned business enterprises or women-owned business enterprises, and (iv) day laborers. The SST Task Force, once it is created, will put forth its training recommendations as mandated by the law setting the 10-25 hours of training required in Phase 3.

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