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Guidance during Alternate Side Parking Suspension/Changes

Mayor de Blasio recently announced Alternate Side Parking (ASP) reforms are being implemented throughout the 5 boroughs.  This includes a complete suspension until Sunday, June 28th, followed by altered rules which you can find in this link.

These reforms will affect our day-to-day operations (delivering materials and equipment, parking commercial vehicles) at jobs on single lane streets that no longer have open spaces on ASP days.

If you wish to secure spots in front of your job site, you will need to request 2 permits from the NYC Department of Transportation. DOT Permit #0202 is required in order to deliver or remove any construction material or equipment.

You will also need a Roadway/Sidewalk permit (NYC DOT Permit #0221) to block off the parking spots. DOT will not issue the Parking Spot Signage permit (#0221) to block the spots from passenger vehicles without the sidewalk permit. As you likely already know, only commercial vehicles are permitted to occupy the designated parking spaces.

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