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DOB Guidance on Suspended Sites

On April 1, 2020 the NYC DOB issued a Bulletin entitled “Suspension of all work on non-essential construction and demolition sites.” It states:


“As part of the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency, in accordance with New York State Executive Order 202.6, Empire State Development guidance and New York City Emergency Executive Order 103, all work on non-essential construction and demolition sites is suspended for the duration of this state of emergency, directing all owners of construction projects that are “non-essential” to immediately shut down job sites effective March 31, 2020.”

The shutdown is due to Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.6 requiring all non-essential construction ceased temporarily to allow workers to stay home and stem the spread of COVID19. Please see guidance from the NYC DOB related to non-essential vs essential jobsite distinctions. If you believe a job site qualifies as an essential construction project, you must request a waiver from NYC DOB and receive approval prior to beginning any work. DOB is developing a web portal to electronically file all requests, certifications and approvals. Once complete, this portal should be used to file for extensions to conduct essential work and request an extension to shut down your sites if they are not already secured safely. If you are to continue performing work, a new PW2 will be required. Please discuss this with your design professional. The DOB bulletin 2020-004 requires all owners to inspect non-essential sites weekly, and includes that “an inspection shall be made the day of and following severe weather, such as unusually high winds or heavy rain or snow.” Weekly inspections shall be performed by the owner or his/her designee to ensure the construction or demolition site is safe and in continued compliance with these requirements and all other applicable laws and regulations. Where the site is subject to the training provisions of section 3321 of the NYC Building Code, these safety inspections shall be performed by an individual who possesses a Site Safety Training Supervisor Card. The department should be notified of any condition. The inspection reports must be kept onsite, signed and dated by the individual performing the inspection. On any site that requires a site safety manager (SSM), Site Safety Coordinator (SSC), or Construction Superintendent, a weekly certification shall be made to the Department electronically in a form and manner acceptable to the Department. Please note DOB will be inspecting all open sites. They will require essential jobs to have a variance issued to them before work can commence. If a job is active and doesn’t have a variance, a stop work order will be issued and a fine of up to $10,000 will be imposed on the site for each violation. If you should have any questions, please email us at and/or DOB at

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