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Competent Person Definition

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Working closely with the NYC DOB, NYCSRA successfully pushed for a clarification of the definition of “competent person” to align with current building code Section 3301.13.12 (see below). The Service Bulletin released in the NYC DOB LL 196 Update dated May 2019 defines which workers will be required to have a Supervisor SST Card.

The language is as follows :

Workers must only have a Supervisor SST Card if they are serving as the competent person required by Section 3301.13.12 of the New York City Building Code.
Section 3301.13.12 of the New York City Building Code requires that a Construction Superintendent designate a competent person for each job site for which such Construction Superintendent is responsible and further requires that such competent person is present at the designated job site at all times active work occurs.
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